My urologist appointment yesterday

I went to the urologist yesterday to get a Cystoscopy. This would be the third time in the past month that an object has been shoved in my peehole. This time it was more interesting and less painful. The urologist first shot me with Novocain to numb things a bit which helped a lot. Now I know what you might be thinking, when I first heard novocaine I automatically said “There is no way in hell your getting a needle anywhere near there”. It turned out they just use a plastic syringe that shoots a Novocain jelly in there and they clamp it in with some strange metal device to make sure it stays in there. It was still uncomfortable, but at least they didn’t stick a needle there.

While the Novocain sat in there for a few minutes, the doctor talked to me a little bit. This reminded me of the moment in Kill Bill vol. 2 where Bill gave that awesome superman monologue while waiting for the truth serum to kick in. Except the doctors monologue was more about checking for cancer and cysts. The room was also a bit more like a torture chamber than a nice Hacienda, which would have been nice for a more romantic setting. Then the doctor proceeded to shove the scope in my peehole. The difference this time was that I hardly felt it due to the Novocain jelly in there, that was nice.

Shortly after this he discovered the reason why I could not pee a few weeks ago. If you remember, the nurse at the hospital a little while ago tried to administer 2 different catheters, failing to get past my “prostate”. Turns out I have a stricture in my urethra. The doctor let me look in the scope to see it. He pulled it back a bit so I could see normal urethra which is a veiny pinkish muscle color then the stricture was all white and narrower than my normal urethra. A urinary stricture is some scar tissue that forms within the urethra, it narrows the passage which explains my previous difficulty urinating. I have been able to pee just fine after the catheter attempts. The urologist’s theory is that the catheter tube opened it up a bit so urine can pass through easier now.

After this was discovered I went up to the front where he handed me a slip so I can call to set up surgery. Autumn’s heart dropped when she overheard this. After all, he was looking for cancer. But I will eventually have to go under the knife, or actually shove a hot tube in there. I will be asleep for that. But its not a rushed thing, And I want to delay it as long as I can because I have to have a catheter in for a few days after the procedure. But I’m going to have to have it before things get worse.

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