nerd gone awry

I’m waiting for cable internet… The cable guy is coming over tomorrow to flip a switch. I thought that I would be able to set it up by myself so I was a little disappointed. BAH! I’m such an impatient bastard right now. Tomorrow will be great. I think I’m going to be doing a lot of online gaming. If you want to challenge me in something you could IM me on AIM “Soberac”. I have been playing my brother a lot of soldier of fortune and have become quite addicted. I have also started a LAN info section on my site under the games section.

I have so much crap to do however, I have a rough draft due tomorrow on a short Hemingway story. The devil of procrastination has caught up to me once more… cramming blows. I have no damn time to get out it seems, I have been slacking on meetings too. I am a bit swamped. I need to do all this damn shit for school and all I want to do is play fucking video games! My powers of neediness have done me wrong in the past couple of days and I still ache to use them more. BAH!

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