The most common interests of people who like nerds are…

geeks, music, movies, reading, books, computers, art, writing, photography, cats, poetry, love, sleeping, friends, sex, anime, rain, harry potter, dancing, sarcasm, tattoos, fantasy, monty python, video games, singing, lord of the rings, philosophy, cooking, piercings, cheese, food, candles, painting, punk, chocolate, dorks, psychology, drawing, star wars, techno, radiohead, coffee, the simpsons, intelligence, sushi, internet, science fiction, rpgs, girls, sleep

The most common interests of people who like autumn are…

music, reading, writing, photography, poetry, art, movies, rain, books, love, from autumn to ashes, cats, friends, stars, tattoos, sex, sleeping, candles, coffee, chocolate, dreams, thursday, drawing, computers, kissing, dancing, piercings, psychology, mythology, harry potter, philosophy, singing, nature, sarcasm, anime, radiohead, taking back sunday, laughing, water, halloween, hugs, fantasy, travel, literature, black, donnie darko, snow, lord of the rings, the cure, sleep


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