never again

I had quite a rude awakening this morning. I woke up to the sound of my manager at work leaving a message on my answering machine, wondering if I had dropped off of this planet. I think I may have. Thought I had left all of this ugly sleeping in shit behind me. I would like to consider myself a reliable person, But I sit there in front of my clock that mocks me, telling me I was an hour late. I stumbled around to find the number to call and they told me I don’t have to come in today. I still have a job but I definitely am not happy about that. I better not ever do this again.

Yesterday, however, was the shit. For such a simple day I had such a great time. I had woke up for work on time and afterward went on a few errands with autumn. That I think was the best part.. so simple yet fucking awesome. We went out for lunch at this incredible place called Luke’s, the last time I ate there I was 9. After clogging some arteries we went over to her parents house to help set up their new computer which was quite fun, and I got paid for it! maybe I’ll get cable now!

Afterward I went to art class where we listened to some pretty damn good jazz tunes that my instructor popped on. I guess we are going to start bringing in our own tunes to play in class which scares me, the last time that happened I had to sit through 2 hours of non stop destiny’s child. I never want to do that again. But maybe I’ll bring in my collection someday and enrich the folks there. We also listened to Aretha Franklin which inspires me to buy her greatest hits or something like that.

Then the safehouse, ahh the safehouse. It was fucking packed last night, almost like a concert. Soon after I arrived I received a call from a damsel in distress and went and rescued her. After that I was fucking hyper as hell, something I haven’t been in a while. I had great fun. I also got to witness Martha laying down the law on two creepy drunk guys, literally, she had a cop with her, fucking hilarious! I have news that Matthew is coming on Saturday Hell yes!

Well, that cheers me up a bit.

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