New Quarter

Here is my deal with school. Last Thursday I waltz into an “intro to HTML” course and confirmed that I obviously did already know everything that will be taught in that course. So I chatted with the dean and discovered that, since i was physically present in the classroom, I am ineligible to test out of the course. So now I have a $1500, 4 hours of study time for other stuff. I will just try to make myself useful to the other students who are struggling with the concept of angle brackets.

Problem Solving is a bit of a test of my shyness, The instructor jokingly picks on the students all the time. He’s got the sort of humor like that of a mix between the drill sergeant in full metal jacket and the cheesy wise cracks every two seconds like Rodney Dangerfield. I don’t know why but I get extremely shy in that class. The homework is pretty easy tho.

And I really don’t know what to do with Economics. So far it’s just been reading and charts. As is I can’t get past 2 pages of the material without getting highly distracted. I’m going to need some help with that one.

-that’s enough whining from me

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