not going to class for dummies

I’m sitting now at the computer commons at pima pondering if i should return to my math class after this post test break because I allready know the crap the professor is going to try and teach. Until I reach a decision, however, i’m going to write a live journal post.

I fixed my website, and I have to say i’ts looking pretty slick. I’ve been having some ups and downs with frustrations with learning frontpage but i have the hang of it now. It’s a pretty impressive program for having stumped me for a few days. I plan to add a few things and remodel my guestbook to fit it’s new looks. And hopefully Daniel will send me some of those pictures he wants me to post. I have been seriously distracted by the ideas i have been having about things to do with my new website.

I have to write a comparitive critical essay about two poems of my choice by tuesday. I started reading some of the poetry selection and I would rather write poetry. All of the sudden I remember why I was a poet in high school. Hopefully this time I will not distract myself from the essay and get it done. I recieved a B+ on my in class midterm which has given me new hopes of being capable to pass.

The past few nights I have gone back to the safehouse and they have been quite interesting. Not really too much gossip to talk about but I have enjoyed myself. Tho I finally got to play Zane in chess (he’s been saying for a while that he is really good) and i slaughtered him, thought it would have been more interesting. I’ve been getting really good at that game.

I’m also very excited for saturday, I have plans to go see a triple feature at the drive-in movies, don’t know what movies exactly we’ll see but I will definitely watch the hell out of jersey girl. I’ve been waiting a very long time to see that movie. Jack has hopped on the media bandwagon and says kevin smith has sold out. We’ll see about that.

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  1. Haha

    The Media bandwagon is currently praising the hell out of Kevin Smith in case you weren’t aware. Going as far as to call Mallrats “brilliant and hilarious”. Smith just can’t keep his word. Let me know if it’s as bad as I imagine.

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