Nothing Special

I haven’t posted or read journals in a little while. I can’t even come close to explain why. Well… maybe this 2 weeks of summer and less responsibility has spawned a bit of a counterstrike binge. And i have gotten really good and ready to frag the hell out of the folks @ LAN party 5, thats for sure.

I got dressed up last night in a tie and whatnot for no particular reason and no one was at the Safehouse. But I have a calzone waiting, beckoning me to come home. These are my last few days of summer here and my last weekend will be spent in phoenix where Autumn and I are going to “house sit” and throw a party at her moms house. I will probably post directions in a comment sometime soon.

I re-designed my site so it may accompany my résumé. Going for the professional thing and still wanting to change the color scheme. Bah, I should actually apply somewhere probably. I can’t deliver sandwiches my whole life you know.

maybe its a good thing I haven’t written in a while.

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