One heck of a nerdy post

I’m up late again, editing the code on my website. The old obsession is back and I have been deep within the source adding new features and such. I forgot how much fun this stuff is. I’m even getting a kick out of debugging my new code I’m working on for the revival of the pictures comment system which is somewhat up there but I have to still get a few kinks out before new people can join. I applied for a freelance job today doing this same type of stuff but my confidence is running a bit low due to the lack of any takers on other recent applications. So I’m still stuck delivery driving for now.

I started a new quarter this week at School and there are some new things which have lowered my satisfaction rating with the institution several points. They induced a new policy that we have to attend the first 3 hours of each of my on-site courses in a theory room and the latter 2 in lab. This, while may help with possible internet distraction, is very horrible when I would rather be learning with a hands on approach. For example, one of my courses is an intermediate 3D course in which I would really like to follow along with the instructor while using 3D max. He’s really good at that method of teaching anyway. And another problem I have is that the programs we need to learn are not even loaded on any of the machines on campus won’t be for an undetermined amount of time. So I get to be bored to death by one of my teacher’s crazy tangents, or try to become an auditory learner. But I’m sure plans will evolve to make the best of this situation like they always do.

In some other spare time I have been playing battlefield 2 too much. This, however, has been very fun considering that I have been doing this with the company of Jeff, Derek, Ryan, and Jorden on teamspeak. The game is tons of fun by itself, but with the teamspeak aspect of being able to vocally talk with you friends while blowing shit up the game gets seriously addictive.

And lastly, in regards to my last post, I’m back to normal health and feeling great. But I have an appointment with a urologist on Tuesday in which they are going to administer a camera to scope things out…. I’m trying not to think about what that’s going to feel like.

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