Post Operation

I arrived at the hospital at 5:30 this morning. There were so many people there, but probably 5 of us were there for surgery. Lots of families were thereto see their loved ones off to the operation room. There were a couple of kids in particular that Autumn and I were fond of, they were so calm and quiet. The little girl was so amazingly cute when she climbed on her dad’s shoulders. She was in for surgery too. I could only hope that, if I ever have kids, they would be so copasetic. I say if because its hard to be confident of a fatherly future when there’s a giant tube sticking out of my “man parts” at the moment.

Pre-op was just peeing in a cup, I though for sure that they would have to do blood work and all that good stuff, but no, just peed in a cup. And then my parents showed up during the wait after pre-op. My parents are very cool people, it was nice too see them there for me, but they kinda ticked me off when i wanted to go smoke for operation. The instructions i got told me i wasn’t supposed to smoke within 24 hours of the operation for blood purposes, but I heard the message within 24 hours of operation yesterday, and I was also smoking at the time I was listening to it. So either way I needed a damn cigarette to calm me down a bit before the operation and I had one. As soon as I got in that hospital bed however, the cigarette didn’t really matter because I was shaking really bad.

Everybody was cool, the anesthesiologist was excellent, the nurse was humorous, and my urologist was cool as always. They all knew very well what they were doing but i still couldn’t help but to shake and be nervous. Autumn and my mom accompanied me to the room. My mom was of good value to answer the questions that I couldn’t so quickly. Autumn was there for the good old I love you’s, comfort and such. Then she left to go let my dad see me off into surgery. Autumn later told me that she went to cry and have a cigarette after that, thinking about the last words she said to me. I don’t blame her, that’s exactly how i felt, but my feelings came out more in a trembling manner.

During Autumn’s smoke break I was carted into the operation room. It all happened so fast, They put a gas mask on me and told me to breathe deep, and then I woke up. This was the part I was specifically scared about, the pain while waking up. Surprisingly the pain was a lot less than I was expecting, there was a lot of pain but it wasn’t excruciating.I also woke up with a catheter in me already which was a great relief considering that I didn’t want to experience a catheter while awake after just getting my urethra cut open THANK GOD. I was a little loopy of course after getting out of anesthesia but that didn’t stop me from getting my pants on and into a wheelchair only moments after waking up. In the wheelchair I was reunited with my loving parents and girlfriend and carted to Autumn’s car to head home.

We stopped at Fry’s on the way home to go get some codeine for my pain. Right when I struggled out the door I discovered how freaking hard it is to walk right now. I had an old man cowboy gunslinger strut going on because any movement in that general area sucks a whole lot.Right now while I’m siting it just feels like I have a bad case of blue balls, which some men claim they can’t tolerate, but that’s much better than what it feels like to walk right now. A courtesy clerk at Fry’s saw me walking like that and fetched me one of those automatic carts which was fun to ride around the store while I waited for my prescription. We got some ice cream and brownie stuff for a movie watching binge later which will be nice.

When we got home I did some more of that gunslinger walk, this time with my hands on my hips like I was Dirty Harry or something. I tried my hand at dumping the catheter which I’m not going to like for the next few days, but its better than what peeing would feel like now. And since walking is so tough right now I’m probably going to be stuck at home for the next few days playing Battlefield 2 and watching movies so life is not so bad right now. I just hope we don’t start feeling so cooped up like Sunday.

Thank you everybody who have been so supportive about things through this scary time. I love you guys.

3 thoughts on “Post Operation”

  1. Glad to hear the process went well. Welcome to the wonderful world of post-anesthetic, where you realize it’s never as bad as you thought it was gonna be.

    I’m surprised they didn’t keep you in the hospital for any longer, but based on how you describe your current condition I guess they didn’t really need to monitor anything. Have fun with the tube, and don’t worry – it only hurts for a second when they take it out.

    I could only hope that, if I ever have kids, they would be so copasetic.

    I’m pretty sure that anything coming from your genepool would have quite a bit of serenity for you to enjoy. 😉

  2. I had no idea,
    But now that I do…
    I’m very glad you’re doing fine, even if you are walking like John Wayne.

    I had a very similar experience a few months back when I got my D&C procedure done…
    Except I did not get out of the car to go get pain meds, I sat there in the hot sun because they seriously drugged me up to the point of failing a sobriety test!

    Anyhow… I wish your groin good tiddings! 😛 Oh yes, and I hope you’ll turn out to be the peak of perfection too, hehe. Sarcasm is all…

  3. Shibby

    Take it easy brother,
    I’m glad things went well,
    hopefully this will be the last surgery you have to endure.

    Luv ya,
    tell your girl I said I luv her too,
    I’ll se you post-tube,


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