Post out of boredom

I’m stranded, sitting at Safehouse and I have managed to get my grubby little hands on Ryan morris’ laptop. He’s playing chess right now on my little magnetic set. I should get a T-shirt that says “I’d rather be playing counter strike”.

I’m really tired right now due to counter strike. I lost track of time last night and forgot what bedtime was. I’ve been a little clumsy today due to this sleep deprivation but it was worth it. Ryan, Shafik, and a drunken Jorden had joined me on teamspeak last night during the game and it was quite good times. Jorden’s drunken ramblings were especially fun. I played way too much of the game yesterday, but being accompanied by these people as well as Drew, Mallory, and Jeff is worth repeating.

I really don’t have too much of a post here. I’m hoping to release some of my boredom here because staring at a lengthy game of chess can only amuse one for so long. I now feel for anyone sitting by me when I play Mike.

Oh, i ran into Matt on Monday. It’s really nice to run into old friends who have decided to move back here. I fact, there is a good handful of outside friends who are moving back into town. The only ones I can think of that are staying at a distance are Connaway and Jack. Life is looking up on the friends aspect, as well as many others. Life is just treating me very well right now. I only wish i could say the same about a few folks around me.

Its strange to talk with someone who is so down when life is this good. The end of my night last night turned from some really nice pillow talk to a depressing phone call and visit. This just left me in a strange mood. I didn’t sleep too well after that. I even played some CS with Ryan and them to help let go but my sympathies caught up to me when I hit my pillow. I hate it when I hear problems of people close to me that I can’t initially help right away. Listening to them was as helpful I could be. I just wish I could have been more helpful in the present.

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    1. I just noticed I didn’t mention Jeff either. I guess I talk to you guys so often online so much it doesn’t seem like your far away. That kinda creeps me out in a sense, that online interaction is starting to pass as meeting in person. I’m on the computer way too much.

      And I don’t think you had met Matt, he was a good friend in the days you were rarely seen @ Safehouse.

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