I just finished translating my writing journals into a new notebook. BAH! I need to finish studies.. I’ll get back to this in a few…

I witnessed the movie butterfly effect a few days ago with Autumn and a few friends. I still remain a bit disturbed. It reminds me of the feeling I got after witnessing requiem for a dream. I left the theater from butterfly effect traumatized. It is an Excellent movie, one of the most brilliant films I have seen in ages. I was in no way prepared for some of the mental anguish that I have now experienced from this movie.

I am reminded of this movie because I read Digiovanna’s review on it in the weekly. I am a big fan of his reviews, he always has all kinds of highly witty and sarcastic remarks to say which I thoroughly enjoy. I particularly agree with his review of this movie. “Evan Treborn, 13, is enjoying life with no knowledge that he will one day be played by Ashton Kutcher.”

good stuff. I’ll talk later about how my class goes in a few days.

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