Quick… Before I sleep…

I went to movie night tonight and saw the most disturbing movie, Henry: portrait of a serial killer, I think I may have some nightmares tonight. But before so I will write a Post, because I haven’t in a few days and it seems KEEN to do so. : P

I have been busy lately, on top of things, my priorities have been getting more organized, and life is progressively getting better and better every day, but you don’t want to hear about that. I have been reading live journals all week and enjoying the posts of the fine people on my friends list. All I can say is keep writing so I can be amused. 😀 In an even nerdier update I have been relearning JavaScript and CSS scripting so I could make a cooler looking website. It’s going to take a little while but it will be fun when I put it up.

So that’s my short little update for today… I’ll probably put another post up later because I don’t have much to do tomorrow.

*Chow Bella*

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