Rainy Day

I fucking love rainy Days. I’m Chilling at the safehouse right now looking down on a beautifully soaked speedway. Good thing I’m not driving right now. I have had a great day so far with the exeption of getting to my bank late and having to drive across town to get to another one. A lot of trouble for fifteen bucks.
Other than that, Today has made up for last night. You see, I had to walk out of “lost in translation” last night (and I didn’t even walk out of “dumb & dumberER”). It was a truly horrible waste of time and money. And even though i prefer not to let films have power over my mental status, the movie left me in a short lived pit of depression. But rainy days kick ass and I am better now.
I had another oppertunity to play on my drum set this morning which is truly exellent. I also have a new update for my website (a fan of friends descriptions page). I attempted earlier to update it but unfortunately it didn’t work. It probably will be working soon. If you are a friend of mine and reading this tomorrow or any other time check it out under the “I’m a fan” section of my website, It rules!
I also devoured a deep dish digorno pizza today which was completely gratifying. Pretty soon I will be employed! I have been putting forth efforts lately and feel confident in my job search. School starts for me tomorrow however, which will be nice.
All an all I had a great day so far…

…until next time….

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