random update

Random seems to like No Doubt. I have over 7000 songs on my machine that arent No Doubt but random keeps playing it, oh it’ll play some rage, but then its right back to No Doubt. Not that I mind or anything, im just saying.

Still some nerdy things to talk about for me. I have had a great day, Im used to the heat now. I’m picking up flash really quickly in class and hope to start making some really cool stuff with it soon. And since school is a cakewalk this quarter I can spend some of my time getting FlashForward working and Jeff and Ryan uploading their stuff on there.

I recieved a purple heart in Battlefield 2, it’s for dying a lot but atleast its a medal. And I keep getting kicked for teamates tripping on my mines or accidentally getting run over by a tank I happen to be driving. Yea, I’m still a nerd.

3 thoughts on “random update”

  1. I went to the site today and tried to log on. I don’t think I did it right. I like what you have so far, though. Especially the PHP error messages fading in. 😉


    The only reason I thought to go to the site today was because I finally got around to checking that hotmail account. 😉


    1. FlashForward.imafan.net

      yea, error messages are fun arent they?

      I think they are due to the subdomain and stuff, being that most of the functions I use on there are from my domain i have to re-write them to work with the sub-domain. But as soon as I work through this small pile of error messages I will email You and Ryan Both with detailed instructions on how to put your stuff on there.

      It will be good… oh yes… It will be good

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