[01:56] Jack: I’m bleeding out thee head
[01:56] Jack: you?
[01:56] Ray: was
[01:57] Jack: feeling better?
[01:57] Ray: very much so
[01:57] Jack: good
[01:57] Jack: i ate my life
[01:57] Jack: literally
[01:57] Jack: digesting it
[01:57] Jack: .in honor of ray
[01:57] Ray: did you use a spoon or chopsticks?
[01:58] Jack: spoooooon

So I am feeling much better now. Yesterday was the last of the scary times. I will be at Safehouse after work tomorrow afternoon if you want to welcome me into wellness in person.

3 thoughts on “Recovered”

  1. I would love to welcome you back in person but . . . yeah.

    So you must accept my heartfelt LJ goodwishes instead. Or else.

    I’m very very glad that you’re okay. ‘Course, I always knew you would be, because the alternative is un-contemplatable.

    1. Thank you for the “LJ goodwishes”, they are much appreciated. none of my LJ friends showed up anyway so your the only one. *pseudo-sob*

      But it has been a terrific day being back into work and such. It pleases me much to know people care.

      So what have you been up to? wheres your posts?

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