School, Jam, and Death

I haven’t posted an entry in a few days on account of school. It is much more fast paced than I had expected. I don’t think they’re expecting me to absorb all this stuff that they are throwing my way right now in such little time, but I am driven to absorb it. I am very interested in much of this stuff and would like to retain a lot of it. Unfortunately for me that requires a shitload of extra study time to set aside and will cut into several of my regular activities.

I haven’t been home much. Most of my time has been spent @ Autumn and ryan’s pad. Yesterday I brought my ghetto-ass electric drum set over to jam, it was fun but I missed a few beats and gave a bad impression. (it’s not like i have a lot of skills on them anyways)

Today a small crowd of us went to go see Fahrenheit-911 which pissed me off like i figured it would. I do realize that there are a few things that were deliberately left out to strengthen his point. i’m not saying he’s wrong, just that I’m finding myself less gullible.

it has been a pretty good week however.

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