School Woes

I got  an email today from the dean saying i should respond on whether or not I should drop my math class and take it again next quarter. It’s hard enough trying to teach myself pre-cal without an instructor to physically teach me, and an illusive book which was written by some mathematician that forgot how to speak English a while ago. I worked pretty hard at Safehouse this afternoon and got most of the problems figured out the best I could, the ones that didn’t require a $100 graphing calculator. I finally found a program to graph some functions from this computer and now the course is off line for maintenance. I will not quit or fail with this 43 percent grade of mine.

I went to school on Tuesday morning to find an empty classroom. So I decided to try and search for my 2 gig pen drive with all my homework on it that I accidentally left in one of the computers a few days prior. I checked with the lost and found… and the associate dean who looked at the schedule with me and said, “strategies was scheduled after your class… its long gone”, shrugged, and walked off. So now I have to redo all the 3D work as well 7 weeks into the course. $150 dollars is hard to come by to get a replacement… maybe i shouldn’t give up and make “lost hard drive” posters.

This “body wanting to be a teenager” thing has gone way too far. I have been sleeping in for almost everything for the past month due to insomnia. So I bought sleeping pills last night and took em for a test drive. had some trouble waking up this morning but I think I stopped that god awful insomnia pattern because I’m pretty sleepy now, at almost 1 in the morning. That’s pretty impressive considering the past hours of insomnia.

And in more school news… one of my classes decided to re-schedule half way through. Now it’s Saturday at 7AM rather than Tuesday. And just in time for my planned trip to Phoenix this weekend that I’m going to have to set back another day. I’m really dis-liking my school right now but I should better my attitude if I want to graduate on time.

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