show me your weenis

I have been a lot better since my last post. I’m still not any sort of spiritual guru however. Actually I have been distracting myself from my inner spirit. I have been feeling fine but I know i am not armed for whatever problem comes next, and being human, I know i’m gonna have a problem sometime in the future. I have realized that i need to work on being as humble as i have been in the past, hopefully even more humble than that. I had some sort of epiphony the other day about my recent personality reflecting a lot of cockyness. I do not know everything and should never act like it. Seek to understand rather than be understood is a good motto to have and I need to use it.

The past few days have been quite simple. I got away from the safehouse (im writing this at the safehouse ironically) and decided to go on a hike in sabino canyon with autumn the other day. Sabino canyon was unfortunately closed that night due to some sort of infestation of wild mountain lions but we wound up spending the nigt out in that area. We sat and listened to loveline which had system of a down as guests. When I first met autumn we used to sing along to system, one of the things that helped me realize what a awesome person she is. It was really cool, we had plenty of good conversation which lets me feel plenty closer to her.

She got a new car two days ago, and yesterday i packed up my computer and came home from the lan party. Autumn was really exited to drive her new car over to my place so we spent the night watching some good chapelle stand up and kill bill vol 1. Simple nights are really nice and fun. Oh, and the same day I got a promotion at work to a delivery driver which means I’m not gonna be as broke as I have been. Plenty of good news.

We also watched this episode of mr. show called “show me your weenis” in which there was a hair metal band called wicked scepter having gay sex, absolutely hilarious! I did my art homework which is relieving, and discovered how awesome halo is online. We went out for some pizza and now I’m at the safehouse. Wow, i didn’t know i was capable of such rambling.

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  1. The Book of Cocky Boys

    Raymond, my dear, I would like to direct your attention to three boys with whom I am now or have been in the past very good friends: Robby, Damian, and Jack. (Jack, I love you, pumpkin, and I say this with love) They are three of the cockiest people I have ever met. Sure, Robs looks like a GQ model, Jack’s managed to find the secret to living your life exactly as you want and not worrying what people think, and Damian can make anything with a roll of duct tape, but. . . they’re cocky. Now, they all have a disease you and I share, a mental illness whose afflicted are sometimes described as egomaniacs with inferiority complexes. It’s true, and we all know it. But there are degrees. And, in comparison with these three (maybe just Robs and Jack, ’cause I love you), I would say that you are in fact not cocky at all. Really, you’re as cool as they are, they just know how cool they are (a thing I respect highly). You don’t. Hence, I say, having some knowledge, and deep affection for, cocky boys, that you are not cocky. You could stand for some cocky. You deserve it, you’ve earned it.

    Because see, humility means knowing the truth about your self. There’s high pride, and there’s low pride: either one is not setting your measure correctly. You do not know how cool you are, hence you are not humble. But it is not because you are cocky.

    I think your excellent and wise girlfriend will back me up on this.

    I rest my case.

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