Sigh of relief

I went to the ER this morning because I was woken up @ 4AM with some serious pain. I got the test results yesterday for the x-ray shennanigans I went through and they told me nothing was wrong. Meanwhile Im still pissing blood and I wake up at 4 in the morning with traumatizing pain, yea… “nothing’s wrong, everythings fine”. So after vomiting a bit I head down to the ER with my mom.

As soon as I got there the pain mysteriously went away. They hooked me up to an IV and I got to be carted around on a cool hospital bed to get a CT scan of my kidneys. A few hours later I get news that I have a kidney stone. It is about 4mm x 3mm and, although this spells a bit more pain in the future, I feel much better knowing what is really wrong with me. So what should I name it? i hear its a lot like child birth (autumns mom said it was worse than a 10 pond baby).

In other news, I have finals tomorrow. And my cousin just showed me screenshots of battlefield 2 which might be the next best lan party game…. with a few upgrades of course.

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  1. 2 things my friend. 1: Congratulations on the kidney stone. I hope it passes with as much ease as possible. 2: As a certified Dr. I can tell you that battlefield 2 is the best medicine I can recommend.

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