strange day

Patrick Riefer is sleeping on the couch next to me right now. For those of you who don’t know who the hell I’m talking about, I’ve known him for 6 years and he has been my neighbor to 3 different houses I have lived in. Well Riefer calls me today because his girlfriend is out of town and wants to come over for some company. We all watch a little South Park and he just passes out on the couch. Autumn and I decide we want to go to out for the night and tried to wake him up, very unsuccessfully I might add. So now there is still a sleeping Riefer on my couch. This is just an example of how strange this day has been.


I woke up this afternoon and went to some remote warehouse downtown to witness the "filming process" in action. Apparently my audio/video instructor decided a field trip was in order for us to go to a set location in the barrio so we could learn some things. I learned I would never work with him if I wound up in the film industry, but of course I knew that already. My instructor was putting together an instructional video for sand casting and I still have no idea or interest in finding out what the hell that is. This was one of the most boring few hours in my life and after this course is done I hope to never have that instructor again. There’s just something about him that makes me lose complete interest in things that I have been interested in and that is probably the most horrible quality an instructor could have. I have even had an instructor who didn’t instruct at all that was better than him, at least the other guy helped me learn how to teach myself.

After I escaped the vile warehouse  of boredom I came home and went to a poolside apartment pot luck where Autumn and I had some dinner. It was neat to see our apartment has at least a bit of sense of community even though it was a little awkward of a social setting for myself. I really don’t know how to be neighborly anymore it seems, even though I grew up in a semi small town setting. I even caught myself doing the small town neighbor wave to a jogger the other day while I was driving and received a very strange look. I am really looking forward to tomorrow because tomorrow signifies the start of the weekend. I feel as if I haven’t had an active weekend in ages where I go out and have fun and stuff. I did go out last Friday to Narise’s place but it didn’t feel to active due to the fact that I couldn’t walk very well. Last weekend was so uncomfortable that this weekend should be a great relief. Even though we have no plans for anything. So if your doing something let me know I would be excited to attend.

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  1. LOL!

    awh, i’ve always wondered what a passive riefer would look like.
    i usually see him swinging from cieling fans.

    Ben M.’s birthday (not the belly button one) is today.
    Reese want’s to have some peep’s over for cake and games.

    call me if you want more info.


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