Summary in 23

I finished my finals week tonight in VBGUI. Study was a bit stressful for a moment because I finally found the time to look over my study sheet yesterday and realized we were going to be tested on about 40 questions of shit that wasn’t covered in the course (we did work that didn’t remotely follow the worthless textbooks). I woke up this morning and Autumn had been working on finding answers to almost all of the questions for three hours before I woke up, which helped me defeat that pesky final when it came time. It turns out, my instructor went over all the answers on the test right before he handed them out and I retained about 48 out of 50 of them. The feeling of freedom is quite amazing after this pesky finals week.

Other than finals, this week has been fantastic. Autumn and I celebrated an anniversary, my birthday and things havent felt this good in a long time. My birthday was very great: I had the best tip day in ages at work, I got my program working for school, Autumn embarrassed me at Safehouse with birthday baloons, and I decided to spend time at dinner with my parents which turned out to be one of the best times I have ever spent with them. Family has never felt this great before, It’s even better than when i was in pathway, where I learned how awesome my parents are in the first place. Things are looking up.

We spent some quality time with Derrick this evening which was very fun. There is never a dull moment conversating with the Derrick. Sucks that we missed the opportunity to live with that man but living with Autumn would definitely have its benefits :).

Thats all for me right now. I will keep things posted


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