4 thoughts on “The new batman movie is gonna kick ass!”

  1. 2005, boys, 2005

    christen bale huh?
    has batman added apathy, cheap hookers and vapid socialites to the utility belt?
    will heuy lewis, or whitney houston update the theme song?
    oh wait, that was american pyscho.
    dragons, apocalypse???
    singin english lads???

    yeah, i’m not buying it.


  2. Nope, it’s true. The new Batman movie is in the making, and they’re going back to the old, more Punisher-like style that Batman was originally written in. It’s gonna kick ass.

    By the way, Jack .. I so knew about this way before you did. Sucka!

    1. Hahaha,

      I knew about this when David boreanez from Angel was attached to play Bats and Darren Arnosfky was directing with Frank Miller writing. This went back to like 2001.

      I am the grand maestro of comic book film knowledge. Iron Man will be the sickest movie ever. Mark my words.

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