today/trouble sleeping

I’m having trouble sleeping again, maybe I should get some Robotussin or something. It’s one of those moments where I close my eyes for long periods of time but my head keeps going on about all kinds of useless things. I try to put thoughts in my mind that would help me dream. A few visual ideas to spark a little REM, but no luck so far. But then one thought overlaps another and another and my head pops and i need a cigarette. So my dumb ass decided to get on line for a moment to get myself tired. and i got all excited about the new BF2 update coming out soon. Their putting in soo much exciting shit in there to make gameplay even better than it already is.

I had a great day today. I left the house for work in the morning and didn’t get home until a few hours ago. Yesterday Autumn and I were cooped up here all day and an escape was good. It just felt good to work and be active after so much laziness. We met up at Safehouse where I did a bit of homework, chilled with some people, and played chess with Dan. Carol scored 4 free tickets to go see Serenity so Dan, Autumn and myself went with. I haven’t seen the Firefly series yet but, man, do I want to now.

Then after a small bit of time back at Safehouse, Autumn and I headed to Drew’s where Ryan and him were working on getting his new comp running. It was nice seeing all of them again on a weeknight. Plus, with Drew’s new comp, I think we have a 6th member on our squad.

With so many good times ahead I should probably be able to sleep peacefully now.

2 thoughts on “today/trouble sleeping”

  1. i get the cookie!

    i have the first (and only)season dvd.
    i’m making copies for dan,
    so i’ll get one to you and autumn as well.

    i was glad you guys could come with, it was good times.


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