Tonights trip to the hospital

So I went to the hospital tonight because I couldn’t pee. From the sound of that you should probably already be warned of the “gruesomeness” that is behind the cut. But I’ll be fine (fingers crossed).

[01:18] Jack: omgwtfbbq

[01:18] Ray: i just got home from the hospital

[01:19] Jack: What?

[01:19] Jack: what happened?

[01:19] Ray: lemme cut and paste:————————————

   [01:13] Ray: whadup

   [01:13] Beard: programming

   [01:13] Beard: you?

   [01:14] Ray: getting home from the hospital

   [01:14] Beard: why?

   [01:14] Ray: i literally couldn’t pee

   [01:14] Beard: wow

   [01:15] Beard: what was the cause

   [01:15] Ray: still dunno

   [01:15] Beard: hmmm

   [01:15] Beard: what did doc do?

   [01:15] Ray: but he tried to give me a catheter 

   [01:15] Beard: how’d that go.

   [01:15] Ray: and it wouldn’t get past my prostate

   [01:15] Beard: that doesn’t sound to good.

   [01:15] Beard: too

   [01:16] Ray: yea… it must have been swollen

   [01:16] Ray: but i went to the bathroom and pissed like a racehorse after that

   [01:16] Ray: it still hurts

   [01:16] Beard: at least you got to pee

   [01:17] Ray: shits cut up in there now but he must’ve opened something up in the process

   [01:17] Ray: better than a bladder explosion

   [01:17] Beard: true.

   [01:18] Ray: good times

[01:21] Jack: Jesus

[01:21] Jack: that’s scary

[01:21] Ray: yea

[01:21] Ray: my dick is bleeding now

[01:21] Jack: ouch

[01:21] Jack: god, ray

[01:21] Jack: that’s fucked up

[01:22] Ray: yea

[01:22] Jack: what’d the doc say?

[01:22] Ray: I’m still scared

[01:22] Ray: I have to call a urologist tomorrow ASAP

[01:22] Ray: then I can come to some conclusions

[01:22] Ray: still no idea what it is

[01:23] Jack: Well, I think that’s a wise move

[01:23] Jack: what’s your diet like?

[01:23] Ray: crap

[01:23] Ray: burgers and crap

[01:23] Ray: meat meat meat

[01:23] Jack: think that has anything to do with it?

[01:24] Ray: no not really

[01:24] Ray: i was thinking kidney stone

[01:24] Ray: now prostate

[01:24] Jack: still?

[01:24] Ray: but they say if it passed through the uretors(spelling?) to the bladder it would have no problem with the larger urethra

[01:25] Jack: hmmm

[01:25] Jack: sounds delicious

[01:25] Ray: so I’m thinking prostate

[01:25] Jack: yikes

[01:25] Ray: and in any case this is all rare for someone my age

[01:26] Jack: double hmmmm

[01:26] Jack: well, I think they’ll get it figured out

[01:26] Ray: yea

[01:26] Ray: I’m scared to pee anymore

[01:26] Jack: ugh

[01:26] Jack: ray, you’re such an awesome guy and honestly the least deserving of this out of everyone I know

[01:27] Ray: I don’t think that’s how that stuff works man

[01:28] Jack: true

[01:28] Jack: it’s just upsetting like with Benny boy

[01:29] Ray: speaking of which, Autumn and I were having a great conversation with him right when I decided to head to the hospital

[01:30] Jack: Ben rocks

[01:30] Jack: talk to him about that

[01:30] Jack: he almost died

[01:30] Ray: yea I did

[01:30] Jack: I’m sure he can help give you some advice on it

[01:30] Ray: yea

[01:31] Ray: Ben is so cool

[01:31] Jack: I love that kid like a son… har har!

[01:31] Jack: he’s older than me

[01:31] Ray: hee

[01:32] Jack: did Autumn bring you?

[01:32] Ray: yes

[01:33] Jack: was she freaked out?

[01:33] Ray: no…. amazingly no… She even watched

[01:34] Jack: Ewwwwww

[01:34] Jack: owww

[01:34] Jack: jebus

[01:37] Jack: Ray, if you die… I’m going to be really angry at god

[01:37] Ray: I won’t, not any time soon anyway

[01:37] Jack: you better not

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