update on the BF2 patch

Its out!! Download it here now! Its freaking huge tho (171MB). One thing kinda ticks me off about the update:

– Only 1 player in a vehicle will get credit for or speed up capturing
a flag at a CP. The other passengers must exit the vehicle to increase
the speed of capture or receive capture score. (update log)

Does that mean no more black hawk flag capturing!?! The rest of the stuff is pretty exciting.

I know this isn’t much a journal post, but I love this game, and a few of my LJ friends do to. So if your not one of them, Why the hell did you even read this far anyway?

4 thoughts on “update on the BF2 patch”

  1. I really hope that’s not the case (re: vehicle passengers). I mean, unless they thought that the black hawk capture was too unbalancing, but I mean, c’mon. You got six guys in a chopper hovering over your flag – if you know your shit, you should see that as an easy six-person kill. Assuming the pilot’s good enough to hover anyway.

    Any other cool stuff I should know about?

    1. Yea… have you ever killed a teamate cause his name was red? I have and it sucks, The TK punish hurts… well they fixed that bug

      the whole update log could be found here.

    1. yea, I have 4 now, I’m a freaking staff seargent! And only 2k more to go for another unlock. You practically unlock all the weapons before you even get to where Corporal used to be.

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