Im sitting in 3D modeling class right now with nothing to do. I whizzed through an assignment that most of the others are still working on… i’ve allready had a cigarette. Now I’ll post something.

The party on Saturday went over pretty well. After a while, however, I had checked out and was somewhere else. I think it might have been al the women in the beginning talking about women stuff that I couldn’t relate to if I tried. Showing off some of the pictures made for some great conversation later when more people showed up. There was a quick, failed game, and then a showing of Team America. Beard came over last night and we watched it again whilst Autumn and I did some laundry.

Saturday turned out so well that I’m thinking of having a movie night or game night much more often. The new house kicks some serious ass.

My other time is being spent playing couter strike and Gunbound, doing schoolwork, and working. I dont foresee an update on my website any time soon. I think i’ll wait for my addictions to those 2 video games to die down a little bit for me to do something like that. I think I might start making more frequent appearances at safehouse during the day now because night time there lost its spark for me (except for when there are excellent people there).

Anyway… Life is Good… time for another cigarette.

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