VD 2004

This weekend has been quite eventful. This was my first valentines day in a relationship.. or at least the first memorable one. Now, when I think about it, I vaguely remember another non-single valentines day, but that is buried in a drug induced haze. My gratitude list for this weekend begins. For nowI have a clear mind, I can remember things, I’m not that fucking asshole stoner I was back in High school. Life is so much more beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, Autumn was quite the looker on Valentine’s eve. (I find myself quite pissed to realize I didn’t take any pictures) She was very stunning. I will always remember that I was with the most beautiful girl of the night.

I had all kinds of ideas for what to do on valentine’s, I had called connaway earlier in the week wondering if he was interested in conspiring a few plans. (both our girlfriends are in the same art class on saturdays) I figured we could both surprise them after class with some cheesy valentines stuff, but I got his message too late, That didn’t work out. Then i got the idea from a friend to take her camping, too cold. That would have been awesome: campfire, wilderness… spiritual.

I wound up meeting her at safehouse. I felt like such a hopeless romantic. All my ideas didn’t work out and I was stuck staring at her in awe with no idea what to do. This felt so shitty, I was such a awful boyfriend at that moment. She felt very pretty however, I enjoyed every minute of that, it got me out of myself really quick. So my plans didn’t go through, who cares!, I was with a pretty girl on valentines day, how could I feel bad.

I wound up taking her to a valentines dance that everyone was going to. I had such a great time. The DJ there was gnarly, he had all kind of lights and lasers dancing around in the smoke filled room. It felt like a club, even though it was a little church. I can’t dance at all and was nervous as usual about dancing, Autumn was too, but I thouroghly enjoyed every minute of it. There was plenty of people getting down on the dance floor, especially this guy my dad’s age that was raving his ass off, that we watched and shared a few laughs. We wound up dancing a little bit and having a great time.

Overall it turned out to be a great valentines day.

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