Weekend in Phoenix

This weekend was one of the greatest I have had in a while. I missed out on the first Friday night that I’m going to miss out on for the next few weeks due to a class of mine switching to Saturday morning. I made it to the class on time which was completely amazing and made for a great day in there. We created a complete skeletal structure for a 3D character that we are going to animate. It was one of the funnest school days I have had in a while.

Immediately after school, Autumn and I took off to Phoenix to go visit her folks. When we arrived Autumn got to enjoy some good old mother daughter time in various shopping centers while I hung out with my brother. It was very nice seeing him in his element for a change. We hadn’t taken a trip to Phoenix in quite some time so this whole trip was quite exciting. I even got into great conversations with Autumn’s mothers for a change since I’m usually quiet with them.

Before we left we caught up with Jeff for some coffee on Mill Ave. We all shared some more good conversation spelling out for more good times before we took off home. When we arrived in Tucson after a bit of grid lock we gave Ryan some company while he was house sitting and watched Batman Begins on the big screen there.

Altogether, things have been very simple yet highly enjoyable. Today we continued to do some Halloween shopping on 4th ave. We scored a couple of good things for each of our costumes. Autumn’s costume is smokin’ hot and I’m probably going to have to swat Derek off of her constantly with my cane. The party this next weekend is going to be soo much fun and this time I’m going to bring my camera so I can put some Halloween pics up on my site for a change.

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