Weekend in Phoenix

(I have decided to postpone some of the picture stuff because it is taking far too long… I’ll post something when I get around to it)

My computer has been sitting at Autumn and Ryan’s place for the past week or so, and there is no internet here which explains a lack of posting (I have been playing A LOT of videogames). School has been going quite well, I am maintaining straight A’s which is miraculous compared to the high school Ray. Shit has been working out really well.

I went on a trip to Phoenix with Autumn last weekend that was quite fun. I got an excellent opportunity to visit with Connaway and Audra, My brother, and Autumn’s family. Audra and Connaway were fun as always; we all went to see Bourne Supremacy after checking out their apartment for a little bit. My brother’s apartment kicks some serious ass, this weekend was the first time I had gotten an opportunity to go up and see his place since he moved up there about 6 months ago. Chris has a new lady friend which doesn’t irritate me like any of the others, kudos to Chris. I was surprisingly excited to see Autumn’s family and had a good time there as well.

On Saturday we went to a great speaker meeting at the valley Alano. It was a rather large meeting but had a really great atmosphere. I saw about 10 people I knew which made for a really great time.

This morning Autumn went to get her hair cut and a manicure and all that girly stuff, when she got out she was Uber girly, it was fun watching her get this excited. But she looks very very good with short hair, I attached a few pictures to show you guys.

God Damn My girlfriend is hot

5 thoughts on “Weekend in Phoenix”

  1. ladies who lunch…

    uber girly good.
    pasta good.
    celebrating “spa day” with coffee cheesecake.
    we should mention autumn donated her hair to “locks of love”.
    thank you, ray, for falling in love with the perfect girl, and humbly sharing her with the rest of us!


    1. Re: ladies who lunch…

      thank you again for entertaining me during lunch carol, we definatly dont do that enough! and thanks to gadabout for sending my hair to lock of love free of charge!AND thank you ray for putting up with me when im uber girly…i know its annoying

  2. Dude

    When i first read this line “when she got out she was Uber girly, it was fun watching her get this excited.”

    My dyslexia thought you said “uber-Ugly” and it was funny because you didn’t. Enjoy your girlfriend.

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