Arizona Aurora!

May 10th 2024 had a size G5 solar storm and word started getting around fast in the photography groups I’m in that Arizona may get a chance to see the Aurora Borealis in the night time sky. I was live streaming at the time that The aurora was observed by my twitch friend Niklas Moller and he shared some of his shots. I was still pretty doubtful I would see the Aurora as far south as Arizona but forecasts were that the KP levels were going to reach up to level 8 which was what I heard KP levels were when I last saw photos of the Aurora this far south. By the time I drove out to west of Tucson My solar weather app was notifying me of levels up to KP 9.

When I arrived to the spot to photograph the Aurora I did not see anything with the naked eye. I was still doubtful we would see Aurora but then I pointed my camera toward the northern sky and got this:

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