Indoor Skydiving

As part of a new monthly event with coworkers called midweek microadventures we drove up to Eloy, AZ to take part in some indoor skydiving.  Skyventure AZ has a giant wind tunnel that circulates enough wind to simulate the act of flying.


Now, granted, you do not have to jump out of a plane for this, I was still quite a bit afraid of doing this. After jumping through that fear into my first flight I was relieved to realize that it was more of a feeling of weightlessness created by being pushed up more-so than falling. These fans are very powerful and I had a hard time controlling myself but when I got the hang of it a little bit it was really fun!

I would definitely recommend trying this, it was a great experience. Although I would probably recommend during the colder months. The giant wind tunnel pumps in the hot Arizona air which almost felt like floating on a hairdryer. The video of the experience can be found below. I added time stamps for each of the flights in the video description.

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