Local NPR Interview

I was recently contacted by Arizona Public Media to be interviewed on the local NPR station for my expertise in lightning photography. This was a very exciting opportunity. I am live on the internet for 5 nights a week practicing photography on Twitch but how well would it translate to being comfortable with a radio interview. This opportunity to be on traditional media was quite thrilling but surprisingly I wasn’t very nervous! It definitely helped that my interviewer Christopher Conover is an amateur photographer and was super interested in learning my techniques with capturing lighting.

The episode that was all about lightning. They had various experts on the subject talking about safety and some of the science behind it. At around 16 minutes in I shared some of my experience and knowledge with photographing lightning. Check out the episode here: https://originals.azpm.org/p/radio-buzz/2023/8/11/217071-the-buzz-lightning-and-southern-arizona/

selfie while waiting for my NPR interview

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