Milky Way in Sedona

Being from Arizona I have traveled to visit Sedona several times. Since becoming a photographer, for some reason, I had not been to Sedona during the milky way season. I finally went there last weekend and got my chance to photograph the night sky out there with the milky way and what an amazing show it was!

I drove to Bell rock trailhead and discovered the milky way core was not properly aligning with bell rock. I then drove a little further out to Courthouse Butte trailhead and was treated to a high milky way arch and was happy to see some green airglow picked up by the camera when I looked at the images on my computer.

I streamed the entire edit of this image to my twitch channel. This was not a perfect capture, a few things regrettably went wrong in camera that I had to clean up in photoshop. But, for an image like this, all the extra processing effort was very worth it. If you are interested in the amount of work that went into this photo check out the stream highlight below:

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