Rare Tucson Snowfall 2023

When I was a kid growing up in Tucson I saw snow fall in my town maybe two to three times before I reached adulthood. in recent years it has been getting slightly more common but seeing snow in my hometown is a very welcomed and rare treat. now that I’ve grown up to be a professional photographer my natural instinct was to go out in the cold and go document this rare event with as many photos and videos as possible.

On March 2nd 2023 Tucson received a rare 3 inches of snowfall overnight. I went out to go photograph the snowfall in downtown Tucson. and then woke up the next morning to go photograph the snow in the desert at Sabino Canyon. Below is a collection of photos and videos from my rare Tucson snow adventure!

While I was downtown I was contacted by my friend Kelvin mentioning he was also downtown photographing the snow. I suggested we also go to Main and Drachman to go photograph the gateway saguaro which is a neon sign welcoming traffic into downtown Tucson. once we arrived another car pulled up to the scene with Manny, a fellow photographer who I had met in a previous adventure. The three of us had a wonderful time photographing the snowfall in front of this iconic sign!

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Enjoy this gallery of some of my favorite images from the snow on this event!

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