This is the (milky) way

Years ago my son went to a star wars themed birthday party with one of his best friends. They had all kinds of star wars themed stuff, some cool ideas to use pool noodles to simulate light sabers for battles and much more. As the party went on a Man showed up in full Mandalorian armor and hung out for the birthday party. I chatted with him a bit and learned that he is an engineer that regularly dresses up in Mandalorian armor to make kids and adults alike happy. He rides his motorcycle all over town and hands out patches stickers and gift cards to kids.

At the party I got a few photos of him in his Mandalorian outfit and I immediately followed him on Facebook and discovered he makes some cool videos of his various charity and spreads a message of kindness around everywhere. It’s some truly admirable work. There’s also a great interview with him on YouTube to check out and learn more about him:

A great interview with the Mandalorian of Tucson

As a night photographer I am always looking for some great new subjects to photograph with the milky way. I was brainstorming some ideas of what to photograph and remembered Jula and reached out to him. It took a while but I finally arranged a photo session with the Mandalorian of Tucson and the milky way. Both of us have busy schedules and the shoot got bumped multiple times. I wasn’t sure it was going to work out because the date got set during the Monsoon time where our skies are typically overtaken by clouds and storms. The entire week was cloudy but the cloud forecast was actually showing clear! We had a 2 hour window of clear skies before the sky was overtaken by clouds.

Here are my photos of the Mandalorian with the beautiful night sky:

If you are interested on how I captured and edited the images from this shoot check out my live stream here:

My Live stream editing the images from the shoot

Altogether this session turned out epic and I am very happy with the images here. If you are interested in hiring me for photography service you can book a session here.

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